Creatie nr. 1
'Creatie nr. 1' is a solo performance made in Muziekwerkplaats Windows of Opportunity
about the process of creating from the point of view of a classical educated musician.

Iris Ensemble
Iris Ensemble is a historically informed baroque ensemble based in Brussels.
Consisting as a string quintet with harpsichord allows the ensemble to play orchestral music
with the delicacy of chamber music.
They also invite regularly different musicians for multiple programmes such as 18th century Italian baroque, Haendel&Vivaldi (arias and concertos), Stabat Mater (Pergolesi) and C.P.E. Bach.

The trio experiments with mixing natural acoustics and electronic sound design. Educated in different styles of music they reshape the boundaries of genre in combining early music, classical music and jazz with live electronics.

Baum is a sound installation created in the Berlin Summer University programme 2023 'Public Intervention with Sound'.
It came from my feeling relating to this non-space: a huge passage in the Central Station of Berlin where many travellers walk or rush through just to go to their destinations.
I miss the nature sounds and wanted to bring nature in this complete lacking of sunshine and green place. While hearing the birds and trees in the whole space, the many papers of BAUM (tree) are showing the absence of the forest.
The sounds are recorded in green areas in and around Berlin like Grunewald, Tempelhoffer Feld and Tiergarten.